Stan Lee to Appear as Cameo in Upcoming Marvel Movies

Stan Lee movie cameos

Legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock is known for many things – slow-burning suspense, frantic set pieces, witty repartee between characters. But one of his enduring trademarks is how he showed up in his own movies. Hitchcock appeared in 39 of his 52 movies in various guises. In 1927’s “The Lady Vanishes,” he’s just an anonymous […]

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PCHOF’15 – Stan Lee Created A Marvelous Universe

stan lee marvel comics

If there wasn’t already a character named “Captain Marvel,” Stan Lee could officially make that his name and no one would think he was crazy. Lee has been the driving force for the company since its earliest days, and is practically synonymous with the name Marvel. For all of his contributions to comics, film, and […]

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PCHOF’15 – Funko Pops Into The Collector Hall

funko pops lead

Hey collectors, we just launched a new market filled a huge selection of Pop!s and other Funko. Don’t miss the best deals!  Funko Toys, best known for Wacky Wobblers and Pop! vinyl toys, is the latest addition to the Pop Culture Hall of Fame. Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, the company was originally conceived […]

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PCHOF’15 – The Force of Rey from Star Wars is Strong

star wars rey

When plans emerged for the next trilogy of “Star Wars” movies to come out in 2015, writers created a mix of old, familiar faces with exciting new characters. Rey (so far, that’s the only name she’s known by) is a desert scavenger who discovers a robot with a secret, which leads to a hero’s journey. […]

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