PCHOF’17 – It’s a Robot! It’s a Chicken! It’s Seth Green

seth green adult swim lead

Seth Green is one of the biggest proponents of playing with your action figures. An avid collector for years, he is said to have numerous storage lockers filled with collectibles. And he’s a regular attendee at comic-cons, both as a guest of honor and a fan. But he’s best known these days as the creator of  “Robot Chicken” show. For his unusual contribution to the hobby, Green has been inducted into the Pop Culture Hall of Fame.

robot chicken beach scene

robot chicken figures“Robot Chicken” uses crude stop motion animation to put action figures, dolls, toys, and clay models through a variety of decidedly not-kid-friendly escapades. Speaking of crude, the show’s humor is definitely more suited to Adult Swim, which is what Cartoon Network becomes after kids go to bed.

Despite the show’s often violent and/or scatological content, owners of the copyrights have tended to look the other way when their characters are parodied on “Robot Chicken” so as not to further rile up his satirical senses. In fact, much of the voice talent on the show are playing versions of characters they voice elsewhere.scott evil figure

In addition to producing the show, he is also one of the head writers, directors, and the most prominent voice talent on the show. He also lends his dulcet tones to characters in various other animated projects such as “Family Guy” and “Titan Maximum.” Oh, he’s also appeared in some self-deprecating cameos on his own “Robot Chicken.”

Green was the subject of his own action figure in the form of Scott Evil (his character from the Austin Powers movies), which was produced by MacFarlane Toys. It’s a faithful reproduction of Scott right down to his black nail polish and Kurt Cobain T-shirt. He’s also been immortalized for his role as Oz on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” in several miniature forms.

“I love action figures and really appreciate educational toys that are imaginative versus heavy handed,” he said on Twitter.

As cool as it is to play with action figs for a living and to actually be one, Green is a talented customizer as well. When there were no figures produced of the Ravagers from the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he created a custom set to present to director James Gunn. All of which may have helped Green land a cameo role as the voice of Howard the Duck in the second movie.

seth green ravagers