PCHOF’17 – Mez Markowitz, Man of Articulation and Detail

mez markowitz lead

The sheer number of companies producing action figures can be astonishing. One might think collectors aren’t often concerned with who makes it as much as who it represents. But when a company achieves a legendary level of detail and thoughtful design, a name like Mezco Toyz can be a huge selling point. For their amazing […]

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PCHOF’17 – Marc Mostman, Most Successful Licensing Exec

marc mostman

One of the most difficult and least understood elements of producing toys and collectibles is securing the proper licensing agreements that make sure everyone is properly credited and paid. It may seem obvious to fans that there should be action figures of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan from “The Walking Dead,” for example, but actually […]

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PCHOF’17 – It’s a Robot! It’s a Chicken! It’s Seth Green

seth green adult swim lead

Seth Green is one of the biggest proponents of playing with your action figures. An avid collector for years, he is said to have numerous storage lockers filled with collectibles. And he’s a regular attendee at comic-cons, both as a guest of honor and a fan. But he’s best known these days as the creator […]

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PCHOF’17 – Transformers Changed the Toy Industry Forever

transformers comics

When Transformers were first introduced, they seemed like an obvious success. What kid wouldn’t like playing with cars and robots at the same time? Even so, when they debuted as “more than meets the eye,” the designers had no idea how much more they would turn out to be. For their success in changing the […]

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