Pop Culture Hall of Fame Updates

PCHOF’18 POPS! for Patients Spreads Joy Through Funko Toys

pchof pops for patients

If you’re a kid experiencing an extended stay in the hospital, it’s nice to have a companion pop into your life. An organization called POPS! for Patients is making that happen in the form of donated Funko Pop! figures. Since August of 2016, they’ve donated almost 10,000 figures to kids in the U.S and other countries, […]

PCHOF’18 – Warhammer Quest Leads to Hall of Fame


Ever since Dungeons and Dragons created a niche for long-term cooperative gaming, players have been looking for additional worlds in which to spend even more time. Warhammer has become perhaps the biggest universe to come along. Thirty plus years of ever-expanding worlds and creative play make Warhammer a 2018 inductee of the Pop Culture Hall […]

PCHOF’18 He-Man, Masters of the Universe Power Their Way Into Hall

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, was perhaps the most popular cartoon of the 1980s. The action figures and playsets based on the adventures of Skeletor, She-Ra, Stinkor and the rest were huge sellers. Or was it the other way around, with the toys first and then the cartoons? Over thirty years after their […]

PCHOF’18 Power Rangers Make Mighty Addition to Pop Culture Hall

power rangers

Saban’s Power Rangers have morphed into so many versions over the last 25 years, it’s almost hard to count all the different variations. But with each new generation comes continued popularity on TV, movies, comics and merchandising. For such staying power, the Power Rangers are 2018 inductees of the Pop Culture Hall of Fame. The […]

PCHOF’18 Steve Geppi, Diamond Distributors Join Hall of Fame

steve geppi

One of the biggest success stories in comic book history isn’t known for drawing or writing any comics. In fact, he’s not really known for any part of the creation of comics. Steve Geppi is the founder of Diamond Comic Distributors, who have become a titan – actually THE titan in the comics distribution business. […]